Setting out my Stall

It’s certainly been a long time coming but I have finally got around to this blogging thing. It’s taken me many years to wake up to the idea that I should write a blog and many months to set this up and start  my first post.

What I would like to do here is to give you an idea of what it’s all about and what you can expect from me in these pages.

Abstract AuthorSo, hello and welcome.  My name is Anthony Burn and I am the author of two published books as well as several short stories and a couple of sitcom scripts.

I’ve been writing on and off for as long as I can remember.  Long before the invention of the Internet, personal computers or even word processors I attempted my first novel using a portable typewriter.  Apart from the fiddle of having to put together sheets of paper with carbon papers in between, I quickly discovered that whenever I write I’m am invariably dissatisfied with most of my words and phrases as soon as I have committed them to the page.

Having to strike through and re-write large sections is very time consuming and wastes a lot of paper. That coupled with the inevitable typing errors and spelling mistakes meant that my early attempts quickly became very messy almost to the point of illegibility.

It’s probably just an excuse, but it was pages full of crossings out and revisions that put me off writing for many years.

I am full of admiration for those authors who are able to type competently or write everything in longhand but it is only modern technology that has allowed me to make corrections as I go and to complete some of my projects.

I will be giving updates from time to time about work that I have in progress.  Currently, I am working on a short story that I was hoping to complete by the end of January, but having written the first five or six pages it’s starting to look like it might turn into something longer. This has happened to me before; when I started The Last Echo it was only meant to be a short story but it turned into a novel as I wrote it.

I also have another novel plotted and ready to be started this year and I am thinking about turning one or both of my sitcoms into novels. Please come back if you are interested to see how they are going.

In the mean time I will write occasional posts about things that I find interesting or quirky and that I hope will interest you too.  I’ve been told that I often have unexpected views on  a variety of subjects. I think it is because I like to look at situations from as many different perspectives as possible before forming an opinion.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m right or even that I think I am. I will be completely happy for you to disagree and I’m always open to having my opinion changed.

Finally, as both an author and a self-publisher I have found and been given a lot of advice and tips on writing and the publishing process. I’m happy to share that in my posts, so if you’re thinking about writing or have already started then hopefully you will find something here to help.

Whilst setting up my blog, I’ve read a lot of information about how to write posts, what they should contain and how often they should appear.  It’s come from many different sources and much of it is contradictory, so if you have any tips about content and reaching a wide audience which you’re happy to share, then I would be grateful to hear them.

Thank you


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