Anthony BurnAnthony Burn was born in Felixstowe, Suffolk in 1957. He is one of very few people born in the area who can claim to have had their birth heralded by the sound of lions roaring – there was a circus in the recreation field behind his family home, and at that time (long before animal rights) lion-taming was a big part of those shows.

He was educated at Felixstowe High School but left at age 16, bored by academia and lured by the world of work. He has worked in motorway construction, shipping and forwarding, marine surveying and for twenty-seven years as a driving instructor.

He has written sporadically for most of his adult life and has produced a limited number of titles, but work and family commitments meant that his creative ambitions have remained largely in the background. He turned to full time writing in 2016.

Apart from a period of travelling in his twenties he has lived in Suffolk for most of his life.

He enjoys all forms of creativity and dabbles in art and photography but primarily it is writing that inspires him. He has always been intrigued by the abstract and surreal and this is often reflected in his own work.

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