Given Time

Intriguing, gripping and at times disturbing… A truly entertaining, engaging, thought-provoking and accomplished novel.
S.M. Playle – Author of The Hours of Creeping Night


What if you could make it so the bad things you did never happened?

When Keegan Walsham finds a time device, his wildest dreams come true. Soon he has riches beyond imagination and the power to do anything he likes.

But with no consequences to his actions, he fights a losing battle with his conscience as his desires become ever darker.

Using the power of the device, he forges a perfect relationship with his ideal woman. But how long can he hide his true nature from her? What might happen if she discovers what he is doing? Can either of them escape when the dreams turn into nightmares?

Nightmares that could happen to anyone – given time.


Novel: Science Fiction/Psychological Thriller. Published: May 2018 in paperback and for the Kindle.

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