Scrap Metal

A fast paced thriller about double dealing in the world of stolen art and antiquities, that keeps the pages turning as it races towards its explosive climax.

It should have been easy…

As an international dealer in stolen art and antiquities, Sam is used to danger, but his latest trip to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus has taken an unexpected and menacing turn for the worse.

His usual contact is dead and now Sam has to decide whether or not he can trust the creepy stranger who claims to be dead man’s nephew.

His instinct is to walk away but that would mean not only losing a valuable commission, but also put in jeopardy any future contracts with his demanding client.

Sam is pretty sure he can handle himself if the deal goes sour, but something else is troubling him: who is the mysterious ‘goddess’ who appears with a fatal warning?


Short story: Supernatural Thriller. First published: 2014.  Available for the Kindle

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