The Last Echo

The Last Echo - Paperback cover

Novel: Romantic comedy. First published: 2006. Paperback: 256 pages. Also available for the Kindle

A funny, erotic and heart-breaking story of love lost in the cruellest of circumstances and found again when least expected.


Jacket Information: It could have been the perfect lunch date.
For Tom, the setting, the atmosphere and the warmth of Emma’s demeanour all lead him to believe that she will be responsive to what he has to ask her – if only he could find the courage to voice the question.
But before he can do so, he has an unnerving experience; something so striking and unsettlingly deep that it leaves him shaken and Emma mystified.
In order to explain what is troubling him, Tom is prompted to recount the story of his first true love; a girl named Claire, and a time of change and trauma that he hasn’t thought of for many years.
As Tom nears the end of his story, it becomes clear that there is an intriguing connection between Claire and Emma.

But is it real, or just a figment of imagination, brought on by a series of bizarre coincidences?


Author’s comments: I wrote The Last Echo almost by accident!

Like many potential novelists I’d had a number of ideas that I had started and then either lost interest in or found that other distractions prevented me from making any serious progress towards a completed story.

In fact I had been plotting another story for some time when the idea for The Last Echo came to me and although I liked it, I didn’t think that there was enough substance for it to be a full length novel.

I decided that I would write the first few pages (and the last one because I knew exactly how it would end) and that I would come back to it after I had written the first story.

A long time later, having made very little progress with the first work I decided to write The Last Echo partly to ‘get it out of the way’ and partly to prove to myself that I could complete a project even if it was only a short story.

Once I began to write it I found that there was far more to the story than I had first thought and that the characters came to life in a way that I had never expected.

I was both amazed and excited as the narrative grew and especially when I found that by the last page I had written my first novel.

I have to confess that I’m not a big fan of romantic fiction so although The Last Echo is a romantic comedy it is written in the style of an adventure story because that is a genre that I prefer.

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